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Central TEAM

Central team
Carine Signoret


I am a cognitive psychologist using neuro-imagery techniques to understand how human brain operates to allow communication, which is decisive in sharing ideas and thoughts. Being involved in the organization of Pint of Science seems then more than natural for me!

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Somshree Mukherjee

Social Media manager

I am a Software Engineer with a Computer Science and Digital Infrastructure background. I work with low power network technologies for industrial applications and I am currently also working on energy efficient networks using AI techniques. I believe science and technology are both enablers of each other. Scientific discoveries have enabled engineers to use powerful machines to do tasks that would have taken them much longer and in turn, engineers and developers are helping scientists predict cancer cells and diabetes and earthquakes and equipment maintenance through programming models. It is this interdependence of science and technology that interests me the most and to see how innovation in one leads to innovation in the other. Science is no longer just for the so-called “geeks” and “nerds”, but science has the answer to our questions on population, pandemics and climate change that affect all of us irrespective of our background. As part of the Pint of Science - Sweden team, I hope to be able to get this message out there that there is a little bit of everything in science and whole lot of science in everything !

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