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17-19 May 2021


Pint* of Science is an annual science festival that takes place every May all around the World

During May 2019, thousands of researchers across 400 cities and 24 countries shared and discussed their findings with people in their local pub, bar, cafe or public space. 

The pandemic meant that in 2020 many of our events moved online.

Our next events are planned for 17-19 May 2021 - see more detail here: 

Pint of Science is organised by a grass-root community of thousands of scientists across the world. If you like Pint of Science please consider sponsoring or donating to us and help keep us going!



We are very pleased to announce 6 cities are involved in Pint of Science Sweden for 2021: Linköping, Lund, Uppsala, Skövde, Umeå and Stockholm

In 2019, more than 500 people showing up during these 3 evenings in Sweden!
In 2020, we welcomed you from all over Sweden thanks to the online edition

We are ready to reach all of you this year online!

All the year around Pint of Science Sweden organises local events

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* A Pint is a measurement unit originated from English measurement system and used in the United States. In both of those systems, it is traditionally one-eighth of a gallon, which is about 5,7 dl. Let’s then share a great glass of Science together!