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Horse & Hound

22 May 2023


"Sounds for Interaction. How we can build better robots by exploring the margins of language"

Sounds are a crucial element in human interaction. We produce a range of different vocalizations, which can be considered on the margins of language. We sigh and we grunt, we say “mmmh” to highlight that the food is really good. We also use a range of instruments to communicate, for instance car horns or doorbells. I will explain how studies on the use of sounds in human interaction can inform robot design. Presenting examples from my studies of robots in family homes and autonomous buses in Linköping, I will demonstrate how robots can use sound to better coordinate with humans.

Hannah Pelikan

Linköpings Universitet

PhD student

Hannah Pelikan is a PhD candidate in Language and Culture and will soon defend her dissertation on Robot Sound in Interaction. Hannah takes an interaction analytic approach to human-robot interaction and has a background in cognitive science and human-computer interaction. Hannah worked and studied in the United States, the Netherlands and Germany before coming to Sweden. She received several awards for her research and received funding from Sweden’s Innovation Agency Vinnova.

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