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22 May 2023


"Brain networks - a blessing and a curse"

Many of us are already aware that it is not the number of neurons in the brain that counts but the connections between them. Typically, neural connections are praised as beneficial as they guarantee the transmission of information in the brain. However, neural connections also have a dark side as they provide the pathways for pathologies to spread through the brain network. During my talk, I will take you on a journey along our brain’s pathways, illustrate different ways how we can measure neural connectivity, and the importance of neural connections (and disconnections) in health and disease.

Annegret Habich


Karolinska Institutet


Hej, my name is Annegret Habich and I am a postdoctoral researcher at Karolinska Institutet and the University of Bern. Initially intending to become a marine biologist, I studied biology in Germany and Switzerland. However, I got hooked to neuroscience while investigating how honeybees remember smells for my Bachelor thesis. Since then, I have progressed to human brains, in which I am currently studying neural networks in healthy and pathological ageing.

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