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23 May 2023


"Looking Inside Bacteria with Cryo-Electron Microscopy"

Bacteria are simple organisms. They do however face similar problems as all living things – survival and reproduction. Using cryo-EM we can study in molecular detail and on nanometer scale the inner life of bacteria and how they adapt to their biological environment. This is a world of molecules that assemble into complex structures and molecular machines that have a purpose. We can see what they look like, but also where they are within the bacterial cell and how they work. In this, cryo-EM can help us to understand the biology of bacteria and the mechanisms behind bacterial infection.

Stefan Kreida

Karolinska Institutet


My research focuses on studying bacterial secretion systems in pathogenic bacteria by cryo-electron microscopy. I am interested in understanding how the structures of these molecular machines relate to pathogenesis of the bacteria. Stefan Kreida performed PhD in Biochemistry at Lund University, working on biochemistry and structure of aquaporins, which are membrane protein water channels. In his postdoc at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) he studied bacterial secretion systems by cryo-EM. Stefan currently works as a postdoc at Karolinska Institute, in the group of Birgitta Henriques-Normark and holds the Swedish Research Councils International Postdoc fellowship.  

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