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24 May 2023


"To bind or not to bind – How is a conserved bacterial protease regulated by a small protein?"

My PhD project aims to better understand gene regulation in bacteria. I am using the model bacterium Caulobacter crescentus, a powerful model to study bacteria cell differentiation and cell cycle, to explore protein degradation in bacteria. Protein degradation has an important regulatory function and is part of the protein quality control in all living organisms. In bacteria, proteolysis is carried on by proteases. During my PhD thesis, I will try to decipher the molecular mechanism by which the well conserved Lon protease, involved in the the cell cycle regulation of C. crescentus, is regulated.

Max Louski

Stockholm University/ScilifeLab

PhD student

I am a Belgian molecular microbiologist who grew up in Brussels, Belgium. I did a BSc. in Biology and MSc. in Molecular Microbiology at the University of Namur (in Belgium). During my education, I also studied at the University of Montreal in Canada, and I did a research internship at the FMI in Basel, Switzerland. I am interested in gene expression regulation from genome organization until protein degradation. I am using bacteria as models to better understand gene expression in the context of cell cycle regulation and cell differentiation. I started my PhD in Assoc. Prof. Kristina Jonas lab (SciLifeLab/SU) one year ago where I am working on proteostasis in C. crescentus by investigating the molecular mechanism of the well conserved Lon protease. Outside of the lab, I like doing outdoor sport activities like skiing, ice skating, running, climbing, hiking, and horse riding.

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