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22 May 2023


Climate Change Toll: Unraveling the Interplay of Heat, Air Pollution, and Health in India

In this talk I will introduce you to the world of extreme heat events, air pollution, and their profound impact on human health in the face of climate change. Join us at the Pint of Science as we unravel the mysteries surrounding this pressing issue in the context of India, a country facing with both extreme amounts of heatwaves and alarming air pollution levels. In my talk I will go through research studies we are conducting in India, shedding light on how different aspects of heatwaves influence daily mortality and the percentage of deaths attributed to air pollution. But that's not all! We'll also unveil the consequences when extreme heat and air pollution collide. Don't miss this presentation about the critical connections between our environment, climate change and health, and the need for urgent action.

Jeroen de Bont

Karolinska Institute

I am an environmental epidemiologist at Karolinska Institutet researching the effects of air pollution, green spaces, noise and temperature on multiple health outcomes in children and adults across Sweden, Europe, and India. As a researcher, I feel that I have a social duty to communicate research findings to the community, so that is why I am excited to participate in the pint of science!

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