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23 May 2023


"Genetically Modified Plant Foods"

The discussion around genetically modified plants has over decades been very polarized, scepticism is widespread in society while most scientists do not see any problems. What is the current knowledge about the question, how did the discussion end up in this deadlock and is there a way forward? These issues will be discussed in this presentation, with particular focus on the situation in the European Union (EU).

Stefan Jansson

Umeå University


Dr. Stefan Jansson is Professor in plant cell and molecular biology at Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) and Umeå university, Umeå, Sweden. He is working with 1) basic research on photosynthesis, in particular regulation of light harvesting 2) natural variation in trees, for example for phenology traits and 3) genetics and genomics of trees. He is fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. He has for many years been very active in the discussions around genetically modified plants, including the regulatory status of genome-edited plants.

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