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22 May 2023


"Moral philosophy of procreation"

Given the environmental impact a person born in Sweden today is likely to have during her lifetime, having a child may be the most eco-destructive action we can take, much worse than long-haul flights or daily car commuting. So should we rank procreation it the most eco-destructive lifestyle choice available? Perhaps, but perhaps not. There are many things to consider, including the delay in the environmental impact of procreation relative to consumption, the fact that this impact will only come about if our children choose to live a typical eco-destructive life, and the fact that procreation creates inherent value in the form of human life. The question about the environmental impact of procreation turns in fact opens the door to some of the most difficult issues in moral philosophy.

Kalle Grill

Umeå University

Associate professor

PhD in philosophy from Royal Institute of Technology 2009, Associate professor of philosophy at UmU since 2012, Docent since 2017

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