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22 May 2023


"Social Simulation"

Social simulations are models of human society. These models can be used to gain insight in how society functions and how new laws can affect a society.These models became especially relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic when many social simulation models emerged. I was part of a research group that created one of the largest social simulation models, the ASSOCC model (Agent-based Social Simulation of the Coronavirus Crisis).In this talk I will explain social simulations by using the ASSOCC model and some of its results as an example.Finally I will explain how my research on understanding Context in decision making can be relevant for social simulations

Maarten Jensen

Umeå University

PhD Candidate

I'm a 4th year PhD Candidate at Umeå University. I did a bachelor in computer engineering and a master in Artificial Intelligence. Apart from science my interests are also doing sports, creating video games and I'm hosting Language Cafe in Umeå.

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