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23 May 2023


Shade and Shine: The Dual Benefits of Solar Blind!

Ah, the sweet embrace of sunshine! We all relish the rare and precious moments in Sweden when golden rays pierce through our cloudy skies. But what about those times when the sunshine becomes too much of a good thing? When glazed balconies or patios transform into saunas, and even plants wilt under the scorching glare? This phenomenon is called overheating. And it's not just a human inconvenience, but a challenge faced by agriculture as well. Enter the Solar Blind system - a dazzlingly innovative shading device that not only blocks the sun's rays but also harnesses their energy potential. By integrating photovoltaic and photovoltaic thermal panels, Solar Blind allows us to enjoy the sunshine and daylight without compromising on comfort levels. And for farmers, it's a game-changer - reducing energy costs and optimizing production. So, let's delve deeper into the fascinating world of Solar Blind and discover how it's revolutionizing our relationship with the sun.

Amir Vadiee


Associate Professor

I got my PhD degree from KTH and currently I am employed as senior lecturer in the Department of Sustainable Environment and Construction. My main research expertise is in building energy modelling, district heating and cooling networks, energy storage systems, passive and zero energy buildings and energy prosumers. In his free time, I like to be with family and my friends and watch football matches, movies and TV-series!

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