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A glimpse of smart district heating system

10 May 2022 at 17:00:00
Café Mosaic

Many eyebrows have been raised as the price of electricity in Sweden skyrocketed recently. What if I tell you that we can seek relief for household electricity prices by introducing a smart district heating system? Not only a smart thermal network increases the share of electricity production in our power plants, but also reduces environmental impact and asist urban development. Have you ever had a complaint regarding your thermal comfort but no control over that? Well, the smart network WILL allow you to have much better interaction and control over your heating system! I am here to share with you the cutting-edge research on how the future district heating networks are expected to operate.

A glimpse of smart district heating system

Nima Monghasemi

Doctoral candidate in “Energy and Environmental Engineering” within the Future Energy Center of Mälardalen University. Before my master's degree, I worked as an internship in the mechanical department of Hampa Energy Engineering & Design Company (HEDCO) in which I was a member of Heat exchangers and Air coolers sector. My PhD is currently focused on smart control of district heating networks operating when energy efficient buildings are introduced across the energy grid. What I find interesting is to find opportunites to transform or modify our energy network from the sustainability and management perspective.

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