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Making Energy Visible

11 May 2022 at 17:00:00
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Globally, Buildings stand for a big share of our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Building uses energy in different ways and at the same time it loses energy. Are you aware of the condition of your building? How and where does it lose energy? The consumption of energy may sound invisible, but if we want it can turn visible. Energy data and building defects can be identified, quantified, and visualized. Your engagement, actions, and the choices you make can influence your building energy use a lot. Our aim is to enhance the public engagement in energy conservation in building. Let’s discuss how we can do it!

Making Energy Visible

Allan Hawas

I am a senior lecturer in building engineering with focus in energy and sustainability in buildings, with a background in education. Currently I am working within the field of energy efficiency in building, including energy efficiency in the public sector (Enoff), monitoring and evaluation of energy systems in passive house buildings using remote sensing systems, thermography inspection of buildings using UAV and development of educational simulation tools for school education. Additionally, I am working with visualization of energy consumption in building to enhance public engagement and behaviour change to save energy.

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