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The beauty of Bubble world

9 May 2022 at 16:00:00
Café Mosaic

If you say Bubble, you will directly think about children's toys or maybe cooking? But do you know bubbles can be found in so many different forms that researchers are interested in studying them all? Physics of bubbles exist and taking care about them is important to know how the world works. Understanding these bubbles, starting by their creation and formation, allow us to reduce risks for situations where bubbles are not expected or even become one of the greatest solutions for our cooling systems and reduce our energy consumption in the future. Bubbles then become a matter for the environment.

So, from powerful waves and foam creation in the ocean, to a fragile soap bubble and from daily life to the research world, there is only one step, let’s try to find out the missing link in between!

The beauty of Bubble world

Valentin Scheiff

I am a postdoctoral researcher within the research group Future Energy Center at Mälardalen University. I started my work at MDU in 2019 as an experimental postdoctoral researcher in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, focusing on boiling and its transition for better cooling system. I was before in Toulouse, France as a Ph.D. student where I was in charge of an experiment on transient boiling applied for nuclear safety. I defended my work at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse in December 2018. I am always interested by showing science and bring curiosity to the public, and I participated to several events in France to promote research.

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