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EVENT 6.00-8.00PM

Kornhamnstorg 55, Stockholm


The hidden mysteries of water

From the depths of our oceans to interstellar dust, water is ubiquitous to our universe. But even if commonplace, it still hides loads of mysteries which we are trying to unravel. Current X-ray techniques have shed some light on the different structures that water can adopt. From multiple ice structures to different liquid water phases at ultra-low temperatures which might explain water´s strange behaviour, like why your ice cubes float instead of sinking. 

Marjorie Ladd Parada

Postdoctoral Researcher

Stockholm University


Elias Uhlin

Postdoctoral Researcher

Karolinska Institute

Stem cell therapies

During his Ph.D. project, Elias has worked towards the development of new medicines using a relatively new type of stem cells, the induced pluripotent stem cell (or iPS cells). iPS cells are equal to the more famous embryonic cells but can be produced in the laboratory from the patient’s own adult cells, and then be used to create any tissue needed for transplantation. Later on, part of his projects were focused on developing a cell therapy using these stem cells designed to treat spinal cord injury.

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