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MONDAY 20th MAY 2019
DOORS OPEN 5.15PM, EVENT 6.00-8.00PM

Drottninggatan 23, 582 25 Linköping

Tech Me Out

Eleni Stavinidou

Science and Technology

Researcher fellow

Linköping University

Electronic Plants

Plants are everywhere, an indispensable part of our ecosystem and essential for our survival. Electronics are also everywhere, in our homes, in the cities, central part of our lives. Can we add electronic functionality to plants and interact with them at another level? Can plants consist part of our technology? I will discuss our findings and efforts to merge electronics with plants. Electronic devices and circuits are fabricated within the internal structure of the plant and bioelectronics devices are applied to plants and control their functions. We aim to establish a revolutionary symbiosis between plants and technology opening pathways for integration in urban settings, agriculture and forestry.

Our Body

Maite Casado Bedmar

Medical Science

PhD Student

Linköping University

Poop fiction - The truth behind IBD*/IBS**

Could you imagine having stomach pain every other day? Planning your activities depending on toilet availability? Knowing that what you have is chronic and no cure is known? That’s exactly how patients with IBD* and IBS** feel. But, not all is about bloody poop! The gut deals with inflammation that disrupts the intestinal barrier and allows the entrance of undesired substances to our body, making everything even worse. I am currently researching the mechanisms behind these disorders, with main focus in the neuro-immune interactions. Guess why. Because they are closely related with stress.

*IBD: inflammatory bowel diseases

**IBS: irritable bowel syndrome

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