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MONDAY 20th MAY 2019
DOORS OPEN 6.30PM, EVENT 7.00-9.00PM

Bantorget 2, 222 29 Lund


Stephen Woroniecki


PhDstudent, Lund University

You are my Great Pacific Garbage Patch

A participatory workshop for all, in which we will discover emerging worlds and uncertain futures, understand how our addiction plastic connects us to each other and the planet, and discuss connections between arts and sciences for sustainability.

Helped by Jodi Ka Ho and Luise Jochimson

Planet Earth
Beautiful Mind

Ätstörningar och emotionsreglering

Per Johnsson


Senior Lecturer, Lund University

Ätstörningar i dess olika former är vanligt i det västerländska samhället. Svårigheter med mat är ofta svår att förstå för den som har svårigheterna med mat men också svår att förstå för omgivningen. De senaste åren har forskning fokuserat på kopplingen mellan ätstörningar och reglering av affekter och funnit viktiga samband. Det får konsekvenser för behandlingen av människor med ätstörningar.


Scientific update to the concept of cancer and the next challenges that the researchers have in front along the next decade

Thoas Fioretos

Medical Biology

Professor, Lund University

His research is focused on integrative genomic studies of acute leukemia, on functional/mechanistic studies of driver mutations, and on identifying new therapeutic targets on leukemia stem cells. He has published more than 110 scientific articles and many key findings have been translated into improved clinical diagnostics of leukemia and in the establishment of spin-out companies active in bioinformatics and in developing antibody-based therapies. 

Our Body
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