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TUESDAY 21st MAY 2019
DOORS OPEN 6.30PM, EVENT 7.00-9.00PM

Bantorget 2, 222 29 Lund


Hello Future: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Robotics in Biomedicine

Sonja Aits

Medical/Computer Science

Group Leader, Lund University

Understanding our body and diseases has been a human goal for centuries. Revolutionary new technologies have enabled scientists to push knowledge further and further. The microscope allowed us to see the inner machinery of cells and has been the foundation of modern biomedical science. Now we combine microscopy with artificial intelligence, big data, supercomputers and robotics to lift biomedical science to an entirely new level.

Special Event

Immigration and the Welfare State in the Long Run

The relationship between immigration policy and the welfare state is debated among scholars. Some scholars argue that there is an obvious trade-off. They therefore expect political leaders who wish to expand or preserve the welfare state to restrict immigration. Other scholars argue that there is no such contradiction; indeed, there are those who believe that there is in fact a positive relationship between the welfare state and openness to at least some forms of immigration. The talk will put these debates in historical perspective by analyzing the co-evolution of immigration policy and the welfare state when the welfare state first emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Johannes Lindvall

Political Science

Lund University

Our Society

Jens Uhlig


Assistant Professor, Lund University

A flash to catch the moment

Taking great photos and building novel solar cells are closer related than one might think. Let's use a short flash of (laser) light to catch the moment in which electrons travel through a molecule and a change of color reveals that we have build the essential component of a solar cell in a glass of blueberry juice.

Tech Me Out

Ana Gonzalez Ramos


PhDstudent, Lund University

"Switching on your brain" Optogenetics, using light to control neuronal activity

Understanding how the brain works has been and still is challenging for scientists. However, a new technique using light opens new possibilities of revealing the secrets of the brain complexity.

Beautiful Mind
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