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EVENT 6.00-8.00PM

Kornhamnstorg 55, Stockholm


Your tumor, which drug?

Every third person gets cancer. Depending on the cancer type the treatment options vary, and drugs approved for other types can only be used when standard treatments have failed.We are developing a quick and reliable method of testing a whole library of different cancer drugs directly on the tumor, regardless of origin. In this way we hope that efficient treatments can be chosen for each patient and survival rates improved.

Sandra Jernström


Karolinska Institute


Ulf Sandström

Mental Coach

The mechanics of hypnosis: connecting body and mind

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for exploring and tuning many of the marvelous connections between body and mind. It allows selective isolation of how your brain perceives pain and processes in your autonomous nervous system. It can improve post-surgical healing and resolve symptoms of post-traumatic stress. It can open the doors of flow for artists and athletes. It can make you hallucinate and change both phobias and habits in minutes.

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