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Tabea Dierker.jpg
Tabea Dierker

City Coordinator

I used to work as a researcher in biochemistry and am now working at the University’s grants office. I am looking forward to share my love for science and research with a broader audience during Pint of Science!

Mattias Pettersson.jpg
Mattias Pettersson

City Coordinator

As a research communicator, I support the University's researchers and their projects in various stages. Being able to present their research in an easily understandable way to the public is an important step in the communication.

Erik Ljungdahl.jpg
Erik Ljungdahl

Event Manager

As a lecturer, I often meet students at the beginning of their academic career. I find it extremely interesting to see the contrast between students and researchers, and I hope Pint of Science will inspire academics as well as non-academics.

Pernilla Klingspor.jpg
Pernilla Klingspor

Event Manager

As the University’s event coordinator I meet researchers in various contexts, often because they want to present their research in different ways. Arranging Pint of Science is a great opportunity to share their work with the public in a pleasant way.

Richard Andersson

Event Manager

As innovation advisor, supporting researchers to engage in utilization activities, I often reflect on how research results contribute to the greater good? Interaction with society on different arenas like Pint of Science is a good starting point.

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