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MONDAY 20th MAY 2019
DOORS OPEN 5.30PM, EVENT 6.00-8.00PM

Nytorgsgatan 38, 116 40 Stockholm


Sold OUT

Beautiful Mind

Carlos Tirado Aldana


PhD student

Stockholm University

How to become a bat: measuring and training human echolocation

How can humans use echoes to navigate in space? Is it possible to train this ability? At Gösta Ekmans Laboratory we have built a machine that will allow us to measure this skill better than ever before and possibly to develop effective training programs. Ultimately, this research has the potential to help those that are visually impaired, by improving their life quality and independence.


Jakub Lewicki


PhD student

Karolinska Institute

Many dimensions of 3D printing

- Houston, we have a problem. - No worries, we are sending you replacement parts attached in this e-mail. Just go ahead and print them!" This is a conversation that can already take place thanks to the development of three-dimensional printing. But how did it start and how far are we from the sci-fi scenario from the "Fifth Element" to print a human body? Come and you will find answers to these questions and also see a live bioprinting experiment on the stage!

Tech Me Out
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