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Genis Valentin

Event coordinator

I’m a structural biologist at Karolinska Institutet, and I investigate the atomic structure of biological macro-molecules using an electron microscope. Biological macro-molecules such as proteins carry out fundamental biochemical processes in living cells, so it is fascinating to understand their mechanism of function. My research showed me multiple times the beauty is in the details, and that’s something that engaged me in outreach activities that communicate the impact of research on our society!

Natassia Robinson

Event manager

My PhD is in molecular epidemiology, which basically means I study large populations of people and how their genes and environment interact to cause disease. I’m a science nerd at heart and a big fan of pub culture (the British mentality), and so naturally I was drawn to Pint of Science. As a loyal pint of Science attendee and organiser back home in the UK I’m so excited to be a member of the Stockholm team!

Alejandra Escos

Event manager

I am a Biochemist and work in HIV at Karolinska Institutet where we study different strategies to cure this infection. We work with patient samples from Sweden, Cameroon and Denmark, which gives us the opportunity to universalize our studies. Scientific outreach is key for arising public awareness of infectious diseases and specially for HIV prevention. It will be great to be part of the team and the dynamics. Go pint of science!

Jan Grosser

Event manager

I am a PhD student in the field of DNA topology. This means that I investigate how cells make sure to keep their DNA accessible. I think that being able to explain their work to general public is an important skill for researchers and therefore I am excited to be partaking in pint of science.

Jeroen de Bont

Event manager

I am an environmental epidemiologist at Karolinska Institutet researching the effects of air pollution, green spaces, noise and temperature on multiple health outcomes in children and adults across Sweden, Europe, and India. As a researcher, I feel that I have a social duty to communicate research findings to the community, so that is why I am excited to participate in the pint of science!

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