DOORS OPEN 5.30PM, EVENT 6.00-8.00PM

Nytorgsgatan 38, 116 40 Stockholm

Speech-driven gesture generation for humanoid robots

Robots are increasingly used in different social environments where they need to interact with humans, such as in museums, shops or hotels. These so-called social robots need non-verbal behavior, like hand gestures and facial expressions, to make an interaction efficient and pleasant. In this talk, I will explain how we use Machine learning to develop a system that can automatically generate hand gestures for a provided speech signal.

Taras Kucherenko


PhD student

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Tech Me Out
Tech Me Out

Anna Rising


Senior researcher

Karolinska Institute

Itsy bitsy spider – but who’s gonna spin the fiber?

Spiders spin the toughest fiber known to man, but replicating the properties of the material in artificial replicas has turned out to be challenging. In this talk, you will learn about what spider silk is, how the spiders make it, and our recent success to spin artificial spider silk fibers in a biomimetic way.

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