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Rashmi Ramesh

Event coordinator

I am a biologist working with fruit flies. I believe in sharing research findings to help broaden public understanding of, and support to research. Pint of Science does exactly this, and I am excited to be a part of this community in 2019! 

David Rule

Event coordinator

I am a mathematician who uses techniques from Fourier analysis to better understand when it is possible to solve differential equations --- equations which model a huge range of phenomena we see in the world around us. Mathematics is a surprisingly powerful tool for making the complex understandable. Given that the world is a complicated place, I think everyone can benefit from learning to think like a mathematician!

steph photo.jpg
Stéphanie Da Silva Heil

Past co-director

I am a biologist specialized in Crohn and ulcerative colitis diseases and try to understand cell mechanisms so we can develop new therapies for patients. I wanted to start Pint of Science Sweden since I think that spreading science directly to the public is essential for the future.

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