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Ana Gonzalez Ramos

Event manager

Neuroscientist and stem cell research lover. From Barcelona and, after finishing my master's degree in Edinburgh, currently doing my PhD in cell therapy for Epilepsy at Lund University. Although I've participated in several outreach activities before, I've just jumped into this Pint of Science adventure. So, I'm very excited about it and willing to bring PoS for first time to Sweden!

Eliška Waloschková

Event manager

PhD student in Neurobiology wanting to share the amazing world of science! I come from the Czech republic and in my studies in Sweden I focus on developing cell-based therapy for epilepsy.

As I say: "Science is like magic, but real!"

Maria Rodriguez Zabala 

Event manager

PhD student focusing on developing new therapeutic windows for patients with leukemia by exploiting immune-mediated tumor eradication. I am excited to help bridge the gap between scientists and the general public, and all the better if done in a pub with a beer in hand!

Sonja Aits 

Event manager

After a fair bit of scientific globetrotting, I now lead the “Cell Death and Lysosomes” group at Lund University where we combine biomedicine and computer science to find new treatments for neurodegeneration, stroke and cancer. I enjoy bringing cutting-edge research from different fields together and interacting with people from different backgrounds, countries and ages. Also, a great fan of Open Science. Pint of Science combines all of that!

Laura Torres-Garcia

City Coordinator

Originally from Spain, I enjoy Science as much as I enjoy beer. I am a PhD student in Neuroscience in Lund University, and I think as scientists we need to open up and show the importance of the job that we are doing.

Alexander Svanbergsson

Event manager

A student of cells and their dysfunction on a molecular level, I spend most of my days in the lab trying to keep cells alive while shining with spectacular colors. The pursuit of knowledge is wondrous, and sharing the thrill of science in engaged forums like Pint of Science is part of the fun.

Ton Falqués 

Event manager

Catalan scientist happily expatriated to Sweden. A convinced believer on the importance of the open science communication and in our responsibility as researchers to share what we are doing. In Lund trying to elucidate the mechanisms how leukemia become resistant to the chemotherapy treatment. "It's öl about science, my friends!"

Sabine Konings 

Event manager

PhD student in Neuroscience at Lund University. Originally I’m from the Netherlands, but the Alzheimer research I am conducting now made me move to the south of Sweden. I am very excited to help spread out science from the laboratories into the pubs!