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Ana Amaral.jpg
Ana Amaral

Event manager

I am a biochemist and work at Karolinska Institute studying tissue stem cells – cells that maintain our tissues or repair them in case of damage. I love science communication and to take part in events that bring science closer to the general public.

Daniel Borshagovski.jpg
Daniel Borshagovski

Event manager

Originally from Finland, works now in Karolinska Institutet studying the effect of aging on intestinal stem cells. Passionate about turning science fiction into science fact, and interested in science communication.

Goncalo Brito.jpg
Gonçalo Brito

Event coordinator

I am biomedical scientist in the field of regenerative medicine, who enjoys exploring other sides of science such as communication and illustration. Naturally, that makes me an enthusiastic supporter of scientific outreach initiatives.

Dominika Radziun.jpg
Dominika Radziun

Event manager

I work as a PhD student at Karolinska, where I investigate the beautiful ability of the human brain to reorganize itself, called neuroplasticity. I love talking about neuroscience, especially to younger public. If not in the lab, I cook good vegan food.

Ben Libberton 02.jpg
Ana Oliveira

Event manager

Neuroscientist & Passionate Science Communicator! I’ve been studying neurological diseases for a decade. The way our brain works never ceases to amaze me & I love to share that as well! Traveling, Dancing, Photography & Cooking are a MUST in my life!

Ben Libberton 

Event manager

I’m a microbiology researcher turned full time science communicator. I previously worked at Sweden’s synchrotron MAX IV where I developed an interest in physics and material science. I’m passionate about science communication and public speaking.

Cláudia Velhas

Event manager

I’m a science communicator and interactive exhibition developer. I have worked with several museums developing exciting learning experiences for all ages! When I am not “sciencing”, I’m either dancing, singing or learning to play the guitar!

Pedro Veliça

Event manager

By day I am a researcher at the Karolinska Institute untangling the relationship between cancer and the immune system. By night I am a cartoonist drawing comics about science and life in academia posting my work online under the name of Pedromics.

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