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Nazeefa Fatima 

Event manager

Bioinformatics student exploring human genomes. Learning is good but learning science together at pub is even better. Looking forward to see you at the PoS 2019 in Sweden!

Ronald van den Berg 

Event manager

Scientist who studies the human mind by treating it as a computer. Enjoys pints of knowledge during the day and likes to mix this with pints of beer in the evenings. See you at PoS Uppsala in May! 

Henrike Wiemker 

Event coodinator

I am a science journalist and by profession loves science as much as communicating it. As she also likes beer and bars, what else should she be doing during her free time than organizing Pint of Science?!

Ester Polaina 

Event manager

PhD in Environmental Sciences, investigating how Global Change is affecting animal biodiversity and thinking about solutions to slow down its decline. I believe doing Science without communicating it to everybody is like being in an island without a bridge to the land. I look forward to crossing this bridge with you and with some beers for the way!

Lars Riekehr

Event manager

Nano is my scale and I enjoy counting atoms and diffracting electrons on a daily basis. Not doing any research myself but assisting others to achieve their goals! Got dragged into Pint of Science organization by a flatmate and don't regret to be part of it. Because what could be more fun than sitting in a bar and listen to someone explaining cool science stuff?

Sohan Sarangi

Event manager

PhD student in Pharmaceutical Science, exploring drug delivery through inhalation route. I believe that the best ideas are born when discussed over a pint of beer, what could be a better way to inspire and share knowledge PoS. Looking forward to see you at PoS 2019

Julia Bardh 

Event manager

Environmental scientist and freelance journalist covering climate change and the environment. It is my strong belief that in order to make a change - science has to become available for the broader public - and here I see huge potential for Pint of Science!

Alex Karlstens

Event manager

I have studied material science endangering and are working with the development of thin film solar cells in Uppsala. Green technology and innovation is a passion of mine as is my love for science. I can hopefully contribute in spreading interesting scientific knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

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