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EVENT 18:00 - 19:30 UTC+1 (Paris, Stockholm)

Aerosols, clouds and climate – measurements of tiny particles around the globe to understand a big problem

Climate change is a big topic these days (or at least it was until some months ago…), and it is a problem with many different aspects, from science to society. I am one of the many people who try to better understand how Earth and Climate work, in order to better be able to predict the future climate. The focus of my work is atmospheric aerosols, tiny particles in the air, which are for example part of haze or smog. I study them in many different locations around the world, from India to Bolivia. I will explain where these particles come from, and show the crucial role they play for our climate.

Claudia Mohr

Assistant Professor

Stockholm University


18:30 - Online Fun Activity

Isabel Pires.jpg

Science of Superheroes: How the Hulk can help us to understand cancer

Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk seems only possible in a universe where superheroes exist. However, this transformation, and the biology behind it, is actually similar to some of the ways in which normal cells become that biggest of super villains, cancer. Using the Hulk as our starting point, we will talk about why and how cancer happens, which is the first step to understand how to find and destroy it.

Isabel Pires

Group leader and Lecturer

University of Hull


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