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Sophie Tronnet

Event coordinator

I am a researcher at Umeå University, investigating the effects of the signalling molecule eATP on the gut microbiota. I joined Pint of Science Sweden to make science accessible to everyone.

Selma Dahmane

Event manager

I am a researcher at Umea University working on enteroviruses replication using cryo-electron tomography. I am extremely attached to “scientific popularization” events, as I believe they are an important part of our mission as researchers, plus it’s a very good way to practice knowledge transfer skills. I am therefore very keen to initiate Pint of Science events at Umeå.

Karim Rafie

Event manager

II am a travelling scientist whose life has taken me from Egypt, to Sweden via Germany and Scotland. In my research, I am trying to understand how viruses look and how they are able to produce their building blocks. To answer these questions, I am using a powerful microscope that allows me to see the individual viruses.

Niklas Söderholm

Event manager

IEverything science interests me, but my main research interests include microbial adaption to environmental change and metabolite production. I’d like the public to share the excitement of scientific discovery and to realize its importance.

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