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Nazeefa Fatima 

Event manager

Computational biologist interested in sequencing technology and analysing lengthy DNA reads. Science communication is fundamental to equip ourselves with scientific literacy that can help us make positive changes to our society and the planet! We believe knowledge is best when shared (in a relaxed environment!). We are excited to bring PoS 2020 to you in Uppsala!

Gesa Hoffmann

Event manager

I'm a PhD student at the SLU, studying the wondrous ways viruses employ to infect their host plants. Having been a speaker at the PoS 2019 in Uppsala, she is excited to help organize this year’s event and is looking forward to great talks, good beers and amazing discussions.

Cecilia Oliver

Event manager

I am a researcher interested in reproduction and fertility. I am very enthusiastic and fascinated with my research topic and my dream is to be able to transmit these feelings about our amazing scientific world to all the people. Pint of Science is a great opportunity for all of us to enjoy science, get fun and be relaxing in a pub!

Ester Polaina 

Event manager

As a researcher, I aim to understand the different threats that biodiversity suffers these days to recommend actions to halt its loss. Difficult tasks are better accomplished by team working, that’s why I believe communicating science to everyone is the only way to make the world a better place to live. Knowledge is power. Let’s learn together!

Minh Thao Nguyen.jpg
Minh Thao Nguyen

Event manager

Renewable energy conversion into electricity is mainly of my research, especially in wind and marine-current energy. I love working with people having different backgrounds, and volunteering that always gives me a feeling of team players. Joining Pint of Science is one of my ways to be shaping our community greener!

Lieve van Egmond

City coordinator

During my PhD I investigate how sleep loss affects our health and well-being, and how we can possibly improve this. As so many of us have experienced sleepless nights, voluntarily or not, I´ve seen the impact of translating scientific findings to help people sleep better. And there is so much cool other Science to learn from as well. So let's combine my two favorite pastimes, Science and pub nights, and get talking! Cheers!

Thiago Moulin 

Event manager

As a researcher, I investigate the interaction of different fermented malted brews on gustatory receptors. OK, not really, that’s just my hobby. :) I’m a neuroscientist who investigates which genes regulate the fruit-fly behaviors (yes, they have a brain!). Pint of science is a great opportunity for everyone to discuss science and discover how fun it can be. I meet you there!

Nicolas Butel

Event manager

During my work, I try to understand one of the mechanisms which impair two close plant species to mate. Science has always been a passion for me and I really enjoy to share it with other people. Helping to organize pint of science is a way to promote this by allowing people to meet and discuss in a very informal environment. So I hope, you will join us!

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