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Stora Torget 1, 75320 Uppsala

MONDAY 20st MAY 2019
DOORS OPEN 6.00PM, EVENT 6.30-8.30PM

Sold OUT

Our Body

Shafqat Ahmad

Medical Sciences


Uppsala University

Mediterranean Diet and Cardiovascular Disease: Potential Biological Mechanisms

My research focuses on understanding cardiovascular disease development. My research combines methods from the molecular and genetic epidemiology field including biochemistry, genomics, metabolomics, microbiota with relation to dietary factors in large scale population based studies to better understand the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease and to improve disease prediction.

Tech Me Out

Elisabeth Wetzer

Computer Science

PhD student

Uppsala University

Images, Data and how they shape Science

My main goal is to develop algorithms to extract information from microscope images to learn more about the tissue and cells we look at. To me it’s very exciting to discover biological phenomena by applying mathematical methods and machine learning to process an amount of images that would take years for a human to go through!

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