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Påvel Snickares Gränd, 75320 Uppsala

TUESDAY 21st MAY 2019
DOORS OPEN 6.00PM, EVENT 6.30-8.30PM

Sold OUT

Planet Earth

Benjamin Kear



Uppsala University

What can ancient polar sea monsters tell us about climate change?

Dr. Benjamin Kear is an internationally recognized specialist on polar marine 
reptiles from the Age of Dinosaurs, but researches widely on topics ranging from ancient fishes to modern marsupial evolution. Dr Kear has led field expeditions in Australia for almost 20 years, and also coordinated major exploration programs in the Scandinavian Arctic and Middle East. 

Atoms to Galaxies

Agnese Bissi


Associate senior lecturer 

Uppsala University

The beauty of symmetries: from boiling water to black holes

I am Agnese, I grew up in Italy but I have been living in few countries before landing in Sweden. I am a theoretical physicist, who dreams to understand how to describe our universe and to spot similarities among different systems. I find formulas fascinating but I cannot say I truly understand something until I don’t manage to explain it: that’s why I am here! 

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