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DOORS OPEN 6.00PM, EVENT 6.30-8.30PM

Stora Torget 1, 75320 Uppsala

Sold OUT

Planet Earth

Gesa Hoffmann

Plant Biology

PhD student

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Masters of Manipulation - how viruses shape our world

Since my first days in biology, I have been interested in how plants fight their secret battles against pathogens such bacteria, fungi and viruses. I did my Bachelors and Masters in Germany and Austria, working on good and bad plant fungi. Now for my PhD I moved to the SLU to study how viruses manipulate plants for their own benefit. A subject that will become increasingly important for our agriculture! 

Our Society

David Randahl

Social Science

PhD student

Uppsala University

Predicting Regime Change into the Future

David is a ​PhD Candidate at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research within the Violence Early Warning System (ViEWS) project. The focus of his dissertation project is the application of Machine Learning techniques and prediction techniques on a variety of conflict related events, in order to make predictions for the future. His research interests also include the causes and effects of terrorism, missing data analysis, and other methodological challenges 

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