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Valentin Scheiff

Event coordinator

I am enjoying creating experiments about all kinds of fluids to boil them. Who could think bubbles are interesting? Certainly me!  More practically, improving the efficiency of traditional energy systems devices is now a challenge where boiling become an alternative. In recent years, this technique has attracted researchers’ great attention due to the increased demand for cooling systems in industry or even in your home.
Being involved in Pint Of Science is then a great opportunity to share my experiments with all, bring discussions, and questions our bubbles with a broad public and bring the research world to everyone.  

Alaa Krayem

Event coordinator

From a mechanical engineer to a researcher with a PhD in energy of cities, I’ve found my passion in trying to find solutions for climate change. However, in research, everything is about DATA! And because we struggle to find, I’m currently working on a project to open data so that, we, researchers, city actors and citizens, can work together on making our cities more sustainable and greener. Some of the data is already online! Check It includes electricity, heating and buildings information, all of which are necessary for understanding the dynamics of energy in cities and, as a result, finding a way to minimize it and mitigate climate change.

Presenting research at Pint of Science is an excellent opportunity to remind people that we are all natural researchers!

Jan Skvaril

Event coodinator

I am looking into today's environmental and energy challenges, and I am passionate about finding sustainable solutions through my research. I work with spectral sensors and imaging cameras that revolutionise the way we look at and understand the world. Let us look at these challenges and talk more at the Pint of Science festival.

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