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EVENT 18:00 - 19:30 UTC+1 (Paris, Stockholm)

Towards circular fashion: giving an unexpected new life to your old clothes

We are currently recycling our plastic, cardboard and glass waste, but what happens with the old clothes that we throw away? At the moment that are no commercial recycling processes for waste textiles, which means that discarded clothes are just piling in landfills or are being incinerated. At Lund University, we are trying to provide alternatives to the fashion sector so that this waste can be handled sustainably and old clothes can have a new and useful life.

Miguel Sanchis Sebastia

PhD student

Lund University



Why plants are awesome ?

Plants have a remarkable ability to resist to extreme environments. One remarkable example corresponds to Chernobyl, after the nuclear disaster. Why plants around Chernobyl recovered and repopulated the area so quickly? Do plants have some secret tools that allow them to resist to radiation? Why it is important for us to know ? ​​ I will talk about all the aspects that makes plants resistant to radiation and convince you that plants are awesome !

Anis Meschichi

PhD student

SLU - Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences


19:00 - Online Fun Activity

          - Concluding remarks for PoS 2020 online edition

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