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Science festival - quench your thirst for knowledge

22-24 May 2023


Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival which brings researchers to your local pub/cafe/space to share their scientific discoveries with you - no prior knowledge is required.


Pint of Science takes place every May all around the World

and is organised by a grass-root community of thousands of scientists worldwide.

If you like Pint of Science, please consider sponsoring or donating to help keep us going!

Our festival #pint23 occurs 22-24 May 2023 in Sweden
at LinköpingStockholmLundUmeå and Västerås

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* A Pint is a measurement unit originated from English measurement system and used in the United States. In both of those systems, it is traditionally one-eighth of a gallon, which is about 5,7 dl. Let’s then share a great glass of Science together!

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