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7-9 September 2020
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Pint* of Science is an annual science festival that takes place every May and brings researchers to local fun places to tell you about the latest happenings in the world of science. The perfect opportunity for you to meet the men and women shaping the science of tomorrow. Come and share a unique moment with them!


All the year around, Pint of Science proposes scientific events for all public.


We are very pleased to announce 5 cities holding Pint of Science in Sweden in 2020: Linköping, Lund, Uppsala, Skövde and Stockholm

Last year, more than 500 people showing up during these 3 evenings in Sweden!
That year, we welcome you from all over Sweden thanks to the online edition

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* A Pint is a measurement unit originated from English measurement system and used in the United States. In both of those systems, it is traditionally one-eighth of a gallon, which is about 5,7 dl. Let’s then share a great glass of Science together!

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